Life happens. When you have a 6 month plan to start a blog on September 15th of 2015 – life happens. When a wedding is cancelled a week before the day, when the medical tests come back questionable, when work becomes crazy. Life happens.

Yes. I planned on starting this blog on September 15th. Yes, I planned on having 10 posts written before that date. Yes, I promised myself editing, photographs, art work and a fabulous banner. But life happened.

I realize this is no excuse. There are writers out there who write while suffering the effects of chemotherapy. Others who have 3 or more children under 5. Some who work sixty hour weeks to feed their families or because their job requires it. None of these are my problem. Do I have a questionable work ethic? I’d say “yes” in some things. But when it comes to writing it boils down to two issues: perfectionism and a possessive hold on my free time. I don’t write because I know there will be many mistakes. I don’t write because I don’t like to take up my free time with “work.”

It’s kinda sad. But this blog trumps my excuses: it’s all about obedience. Obedience to God – whom I believe asked me to write and obedience to my younger self whose first “I wanna be” was a writer.

So. I begin.

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