A Sweet Little Laugh

I am not photogenic.  Not even slightly. I mean,  I look in the mirror and think – okay! Not bad for 47! Then someone snaps a photo and bam! Not good. Goofy, yes. 

Today I saw a pic of myself and it was BAD. Really bad. And no, I’m not posting it here. 

But instead of crazy self loathing, I laughed! I giggled. There might have even been a snort in there. 

And I let it go. 

I can’t tell you what a massive step this is for me! It’s one thing to want to be loved for who you are – but I needed to embrace my tall, curvy, sometimes comical looks – and love myself! 

Such a sweet, sweet moment… (but also a good reminder to not sit that way when someone has a camera out… sigh.)