rock-1209443_1920This is one of those weeks I want to post a cool video and leave it at that. Or maybe a meme.

Truth be told I’ve been reading a lot about writing for the past week and a half. I’m a bit terrified.

1000 words per day. Minimum.


I have never been the most disciplined person. In certain things I can be quite rigid and routine – sleep for instance. (My much maligned university “sleep goals” have continued for 20 plus years.) I’m good at being a member of the working class: arrive on time, do the job well, go home, repeat. Don’t even get me started on cleaning – OCD in recovery, here! What I’m not consistent at is reaching goals.

This past week I was reminded of several personal dreams/goals:

  • Health – achieve a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly. (also: thinner!)
  • Complete my degree.
  • Write a book. (Note I said “write” – whether I publish or not is a completely different thing.)

All three are absolutely within my power. There is not one thing that can stop me from reaching these goals. Well. There is one thing…

I can be a bit “easy” on myself. I suppose that’s a nice way of saying I am somewhat lazy -sometimes. Or maybe it’s not so much laziness as entitlement:

“I worked so hard today, I deserve a 4000 calories Starbucks specialty coffee!” (I’m also prone to hyperbole.)

“Singleness sucks!  I am going to waste my time on Reddit rather than writing my daily 1000 words. I need some me time!”

“Ugh. My boss sucked this week. I can put off studying for a few hours/days/weeks. I’m too stressed.”

I’m not content with these excuses anymore. I know myself. I know there will be days I’ll need to put away the goals and engage in self-care. Yet, I also recognize I am strong, courageous and capable of realizing my dreams. So my hope is:

  • Gym – every week day; 2 days with the personal trainer from, well you know where… (I love you, Ray – wink, wink!)
  • Lectures and papers and evaluations – Oh my!!!
  • 1000 words per day/5 days per week. (See Carolyn See’s “Making A Literary Life”)

I recognize that my issues haven’t been completely been about laziness or entitlement. It’s been more about balance and planning. Plan meals and workouts. Balance rest and relaxation with a writing practice (I am currently writing from my comfy bed!) Listen to course lectures whist on the treadmill. It’s doable – let’s see if I can put this into practice long-term.


God, I’ve never been the most disciplined person. At least when it comes to personal goals. It’s always felt like something has been pushing against me when I’ve tried to move forward with my dreams. But You are the God over the universe, so You can certainly help me achieve greater discipline in my life. I ask for balance – that I will listen to my life and walk out my hopes with Your help. And in Your will. Amen.

(If any readers have made it to the end of this personal post, please feel free to help keep me accountable! Community is so important when it comes to any life change – ah, but that’s a post for another day! Cheers!)



One thought on “Balance: This One’s For Me (but feel free to read it anyway)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now —-with your new runners you will have no excuse but to go to the gym, 😅😅remember exercise gives energy 😏🤗🤗🤗


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