Missed blogging last week. I didn’t write anything. I had nothing in me. I can’t miss two weeks in a row, but I still don’t feel I have anything in me.

I have been on SSRI’s (antidepressants) for 17 years. Now and then a lull happens. Probably due to the meds. I haven’t figured out whether it’s due to too much medication, eating better or getting lots of exercise, but sometimes I get a hit of calm. Absolute rest. And when these times come I don’t feel like being creative. I just want to hang out in the peace. A psychic vacation, if you will.

That’s where I’ve been for two weeks.

It’s times like this I wonder if this is how other people get to live. With better control of anxiety. No ticking. No obsessive thoughts. If it is? I’m jealous.





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