We’ve all had our share of stresses: good and bad.  I’m grateful when they spread themselves out and give us room to breathe, however, life doesn’t always behave so kindly.

For me, this past week alone consisted of: parental health concerns, a 911 call, a career opportunity much hoped for falling through, family visits x2, a reconnection with an old friend, two job interviews and two coffee dates – one cancelled. Not to mention work, setting up a new software system for a client, whilst applying for new positions and networking for potential new business.

I give myself such a hard time because I’m not handling all this more gracefully. I suffer under the impression that others would cope and thrive with this much going on. I shame myself into thinking I can do better.

But can I? Or rather, should I?

The past four years have been about owning who I am and living it out, yet I am amazed at the self-criticism and shame I hold on to. There remains something intrinsically flawed in my beliefs:

Action/Doing = Useful/Value

Rest/Being = Useless/Insignificance


Yet God is reminding me of another way:




“Be. Stop trying to earn your value in commitments, duties and accomplishments.”

“With. You can’t do it alone. You’re not meant to do it alone. I created you for relationship.”

“Enough. All that you are is all I made you to be. In this moment, you are enough. There are no conditions on my love for you.”


We are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” – but not the same. Never the same. Our uniqueness means we all experience and react differently when faced with adversity. Some take physical action; they work it out. Others have solutions and ideas. Some comfort. Some observe. The point I’m beginning to accept is that none of these are wrong – it’s how we were created.





(Yes, Bev! There is a comment section on the top!)


One thought on “Not The Same

  1. Norm says:

    Well Sandra, just reading that 2nd paragraph had me in the fetal position shaking. Jk. 🙂 Heavy week to be sure. Thanks for the rest of the post where you showed you have good perspective. It was a good challenge for your readers to consider since I can assure you your week mirrors many peoples’ in intensity. Sad but true, I think.

    I hope in your writing, you also find some clarity on dealing with life, and subsequent peace, as you work out your thoughts on proverbial paper. Thanks for sharing.


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