I flipped my friend the bird last night.

That’s right, my Christian friends, I am human.

Let me put it into context: I had a friend over for coffee last night. During our conversation, I made several comments about being single (no, I was NOT hitting on him by letting him know my availability. However, I may have unknowingly done this to others in that past… meh, whatever…) to explain my ignorance of all things relationship. I suppose I used the “single” word too many times. He commented sarcastically.

So, I gave him the one finger salute.

My moral compass regarding hand gestures aside, it made me wonder: am I relationally brainless?

I’ve always learned best by doing and relationships are something I haven’t had a lot of practice with. The experience I have had is limited. I suppose I am socially stunted in this regard.

Is that a bad thing?  I mean, I don’t have a ton of baggage. That’s gotta be a plus!

In all seriousness, does experience qualify us for success in future relationships?


(Comments, questions and all matter of polite conversation welcomed in the comment section!) 

2 thoughts on “Hand Gestures and the Relationally Stunted Single Girl

  1. Norm Grube says:

    No comments on this post yet. Interesting.
    For starters, I’m guessing you’re talking about romantic relationships here, because what I know of you you have regular friends/relationships of all kinds – family, co-workers, friends, mentorees in your small group, etc. Right? OK, if that’s the case, then I’d still say No to your underlying question on whether this is a bad thing. Quit overthinking it, I’d say. That’s coming from someone who is regularly labeled an overthinker by my business coach.

    One last thought – if the finger tends to pop up too regularly, consider having it surgically removed. 🙂


    1. Sandra says:

      Ha! Yes. I’m an overthinker. I guess I’m think about all kinds of relationships. I’m a loner – not always by choice, rather fear? Regardless, I’m not considering amputation just yet…


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