Colette Eaton

Some of us have been dealt a pretty crappy hand of cards in this life. Can I just say that right off the bat?!

So many things in this life feel haphazard, unexpected, lacking purpose, and are often terribly painful. Much of what we experience we didn’t even choose and there’s nothing we can do about it. Living with infertility for the past 4 years has taught me this. This isn’t, however, a blog about infertility, but about the paths we find ourselves on, the hand of cards we hold, and how we are able to continue to trust God despite it.

Story-Formed Theology vs. Theology-Formed Stories

A young woman felt called to live in a certain part of the city with her family. She was certain it was God’s will and so she began to pray and look for homes. The search started out with excitement and wonder, knowing…

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One thought on “How To Trust In God’s Plan For You (Even When It Hurts) + New Memory Plan!

  1. Norm Grube says:

    I know too many people (!) who have given up on God – their understanding of God because they’ve not done the hard work of theology. They’ve instead let culture – news, social media, tv, movies, friends, determine what they believe…without allowing the Other Side to be presented. And so, their belief system is based on what? Experiences in life = a pile of sand. The result is a lack of long-term hope. I see it in a friend’s social media posts of late. He used to be on fire for Jesus. Now his posts are dominated with mockery of the Bible and of bad examples of Christians he searches out. Sad.


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