Monday Morning Musing

We discipline children because we love them and we want them to grow into the best person they can be.

When we don’t have discipline in our personal lives does it indicate a lack of self-love?

I think so.

It does for me, anyway.

If I look back on my own life I see unfinished projects, abandoned “diets,” inconsistent commitments and generally a “give up” attitude.

Most people would call this a lack of discipline. I don’t disagree.

But what if this lack is an indicator of something deeper?

Along with being undisciplined, I have also struggled with loving myself. In fact, in the past, I would even call it self-hatred. Is it any wonder I struggled with personal achievement?

Now, maybe for most of you this concept is a no-brainer. But for me, today? A lightbulb moment.

Because again, it’s about love.

The same love that makes us want the best for our loved ones, we deny ourselves. And in so doing, deny God the privilege to MOVE in our life. To LOVE on us.

Hmmm. This might need some more musing…



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