So. I got a wee bit (actually a lot) called out by a friend of mine tonight.

Apparently my blog posts can be a bit of a downer. And that’s not reflective of who I am.

I’ll admit I write more when I’m sad or troubled. And when I’m “up” I’m less inclined to gush.

That changes today. Because I am a pretty dang positive person. Joyful. Crazy funny. Or maybe just crazy…

What is the purpose of my blog? Obedience? Yes. That’s how it all started. But beyond that… what is my passion?

To see people living out the life God intends them to live!

Before creation. He knew who we’d be. My desire is to see people doing what they should be doing. Being completely authentic to their God-given gifts.

(Strangely enough, I’ve been praying for a “purpose” to my writings for a few months now. And here it arrives. Tied up in a nice package. Thanks N.G. Blunt, honest but showing me my “oops” once again. Ouch!)

Onward we go!!!

One thought on “Something new…

  1. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s an ‘upper’ or ‘downer’, I appreciate your authenticity and honesty 🙂


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