Like it or not, there are billion dollar industries committed to keeping you insecure. From cosmetic companies to fashion lines. Diet books to gym conglomerates. All in the business of promoting the “feminine ideal.” And the more vulnerable you are? The more money they hope you’re going to spend.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go off on your favourite brand names or choice of workout. I do however, want to make you aware of the risks of falling into the “not good enough” trap. All businesses have a vested interest in keeping you continually searching for the miracle that will change your life.

As Christians, there is a dark foe we battle. One who has a far greater desire for our failure. We have an enemy whose goal is to rob us of our joy, our peace and ultimately our lives. This enemy has a vested interest in keeping us in shame and insecurity, because inside these struggles we take our focus off God. We become about ourselves.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I’m not one for mantras and such but in the past few weeks I have begun a simple practice; every day, several times a day I repeat these simple words:

“I am enough.”


I don’t always fit in. But, I am enough.

I’m not thin or rich or always kind. But, I am enough.

I’m far from any ideal the world could lay down. But, I am enough.

And in these words I have discovered a new form of spiritual warfare. Blocking out the negative and embracing truth. Through this habit I’ve realized I am more than enough. Embracing this I’ve become less about me and more about Him. He who desires us to live outside of shame and inside of enough.

Both the enemy and our God have a vested interest in our lives. Our walks. It’s up to us to embrace which path we want to take. Continually feed shame, or nourish ourselves with good fruits.


One thought on “Vested Interest

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re on the right track by not letting the enemy tell you that you’re not enough !!
    You are wonderful and beautifully made and are loved ! !


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