Promises, Promises…

I made a promise to myself that I would re-boot my blog come September.

It’s August 31.

What’s a blog, anyway? Yeah, I know – “web log” – not what I mean. I mean, I see the purpose if I were advertising something: product or service. Or if I were an expert in something (hint: I’m not) and I was offering information. There is no big purpose – except I feel I’m supposed to. Yep. I “got a message from God!” Well. Not really. Rather an annoying habit of entering quotes, thoughts and experiences in the notes app on my iPhone. So many notes. I had to purchase more memory in the cloud.

I have nothing to share but my own experience. Do I hope I could give someone who reads my words some insight into their inner meaning? Sure. But I’ll be happy if I get a giggle.