This life. Wow. Sooooo messy.

Apt that this blog is called The Sacred Mess.

Because I am so messy.

Not outwardly.

Actually, I’m borderline OCD about order and about being clean.

But inside? I’m like Lego scattered in a kid’s bedroom. Everywhere. Painful if you walk in barefeet.

The great thing about Lego is that it’s not always messy. In fact, once you put it together it becomes something pretty nice. Maybe even a Millenium Falcon.

Life isn’t that simple to put together. Circumstances change. People move on. Even our biology changes.

Looking at you, Menopause.

I thought I might write today about not posting for 9 months. Or about how I’ve decreased my SSRI’s. Or how Covid-19 took a bite out of me.

Instead I’m going to say it’s been messy.

And move forward.

Put aside some of the past. Write some more. Try to write consistently.

It’s still going to be messy.