Not So Precious…

I’ve decided to be less precious about this blog. It is a web log, after all.

When it all comes down doing it that way isn’t working for me. Too “precious.”

Since 2020 life has been coming at me with no breaks. From Covid to aging parents, work promotions and general lack of life control I’ve been silent on this forum. Mostly because I’ve been holding up this platform as something where what I post needs to be perfect.

I don’t know about you but my life isn’t perfectly ordered or exciting. But it is real.

I’m going to try posting daily. Some days it will be a photograph or a song link or a poem. The intent of it is to get to the root of me. I’m almost 53 and it feels like I’m still at sea with who I am.

It’s the discipline of the “daily” I’m searching for. Make it a habit. Stop the reformatting and second guessing and be brutally honest and real.


One response to “Not So Precious…”

  1. I appreciate this post and your honesty! Life since 2020 has been super challenging for me, too. I’d love to read any snippets from your life that you care to post. Most readers value authenticity over perfection…we’re all still figuring things out!

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