A few months ago, Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson sparked a massive controversy on social media with his response to a plus size model being on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Now, I’m not an avid follower of Dr. Peterson, but I admit begrudgingly that some things which I’ve heard in passing made a lot of sense – some NOT all.

This post peaked my interest as I don’t slot myself in the “slender” category.

In response to the cover photo Peterson posted: “Not Beautiful”

And here’s where I take issue…

I was not offended for myself or the model on the cover. What really upset me was the language.

Peterson is entitled to his opinion, however the statement of “not beautiful” is completely biased.

What ever happened to saying “in my opinion?” I suspect such language doesn’t fit with the narrative Peterson is trying to put out there that is, “my opinion counts more!”

I’m sure I won’t be the first to point this out, but whenever someone makes blanket statements such as this I have to believe they are dealing with some deep narcissistic tendencies.

And while we’re discussing this let’s not forget Peterson’s well documented addiction to benzodiazepines… if I were to use his approach I could say, “Jordan Peterson is a drug addict.” I could, but I won’t.

This post isn’t about Peterson. It about language and the power we have to be gentler with one another. Three little words can take mean-spirited vitriol out of our speech. In my opinion.


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