To Be At Rest

When I say I am tired what I am really saying is “I’m weary from the fight.” But laying down the sword isn’t always an option. The work isn’t the issue – caregiving elderly parents, grief from two deaths in the last year, work responsibilities, a potential move – it’s a lot. Still it’s more about HOW I deal.

Most people in my sphere know I have Tourette’s syndrome, but it’s become clear with added stress there is more going on than that. A diagnosis of Tourette’s has a close relationship with being on the autism spectrum. I’ve always been quick to dismiss this for myself because I’ve worked with low functioning autistics and saw no connection.

Recent years the diagnosis has become less stringent. Mild to severe traits encompass the label autistic. And I don’t know if I agree with that – sometimes it seems everyone with personality issues is on the spectrum. Sometimes, I think it’s an excuse for bad behaviour and not wanting to do growth work.


Those who know me know I’m always in the work. Always taking on a challenge. Therefore, I thought I’d do a bit of research a la Google.

Autism diagnosis methods in girls and women is still in its infancy. Autism has historically been a “male” issue. But in recent years with language around autism changing there is new insight into what women face.

These are the words that caught my eye:



Mirroring other strong females.

Retreat from conflict

Sensory issues

Enough of the language resonated with me that I took some tests: some weak assessments, but several detailed university sponsored diagnostic tools.

The results? Marginal. That is, I’m fairly confident I’m on the spectrum, but not in a debilitating way.

And what does this mean? Seriously? It’s not like there is a drug that can fix it…

Going back to “how to deal” – how do I go forward with the knowledge? Because what I’m doing certainly isn’t working for me.

A. Clear diagnosis – talk to my doctor about assessment. One thing I learned from my Tourette’s diagnosis 20 plus years ago is a diagnosis can be empowering and healing for the history of pain.

B. Take on less. Honestly, the past six months has been too much. If I pass on some responsibility there will be someone else that can take it up. (Hopefully!)

C. Be gentle with myself. A continuing issue in my life has been my inability to take it easy in my head. Life, has always been a battle, perceived or real. It doesn’t do me any good to dwell on my “lack.” Instead, I need to learn rest.

And right now I’m tired. Exhausted really. Feeling a bit trapped by life. Still all the discovery is a start. A beginning to find a place of rest and rest and rest.

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