• Now What

    I’ve been contemplating therapy for a few years but I’ve always stopped myself because I thought it was too expensive or that I was my own best psychologist. One day I was on the Kelowna feed of Reddit (of all things!) and someone was requesting recommendations for a therapist specializing in one certain condition. A… Continue reading

  • Everything Happens By Itself

    I’ve been in the midst of conflict as of late. Not the REASON for the conflict, but a unwilling participant. I’ve always been the fighter – but I’m finally learning to lay down my sword. Because…Is the fight worth it? Or is it like the Alan Watts quote:”What can you do when there is nothing… Continue reading

  • Epistemic Humility

    Found this on Medium and loved it! It gives me freedom to write and not have to know everything! https://writingcooperative.com/how-writers-can-use-epistemic-humility-to-write-better-content-5d01e0215ea2 Continue reading