“Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling…” Philippians 2:12 

For me, faith has never been a static thing. Maybe that’s due to being born in a traditional Reformed church, growing up in an evangelical one and doing young adulthood in a charismatic congregation. I, like so many others, at this time I am not currently “doing church” – instead I’m trying to “be” the church. I find myself drawn to the deep contemplative. Spiritual disciplines. Caring for the poor.  

Instead of becoming more confused in this time, I find myself returning again and again to the center: 

Jesus Christ – God Incarnate, Crucified, In the Tomb, Resurrected and Ascended.  

I’d like this blog to start a conversation. If not literally, then at least provoke some deep thinking. The older I get the more I question the certainty of some so-called tenets of our Christian faith. I’m troubled by what I see some believers support. I’m longing to see the church of Jesus Christ to start, continue and finish in love.  

I hope you, the reader, will want to journey with me in my pursuit to learn from others.

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